Struggling with How to Make The Most Of Your Child’s Formative Years?

With SHICHIDA at Home, you will have a complete educational
program to equip your child to thrive in academics and life.
Learn and bond anytime, anywhere!

Why Start Early?

It’s crucial to start early for your child’s development. We empathize with parents’ concerns regarding meeting their child’s crucial developmental needs. Right from the day they are born, you provide love and nutrition. However, ensuring their overall growth and achieving important developmental milestones presents an ongoing challenge and journey.

By using SHICHIDA at Home, you can confidently provide your child with age-appropriate stimulation at the right stages, all in the comfort of your home. We provide you with valuable tools and guidance, enabling you to prepare your child for a successful life.

Here’s How You Will Do It With SHICHIDA at Home

Shichida at Home, Early Learning Program

Make the Most of their Formative Years

SHICHIDA at Home is a perfect solution for parents seeking to foster a profound bond with their children from an early age. Our program streamlines early learning, making it accessible and effective with a clear roadmap, supporting content, and useful tools.

Learn and Bond
Anytime, Anywhere

We provide a simple yet powerful online platform for early learning, suitable for children aged from 1 to 5+ years old. Content includes videos, educational songs, printable workbooks and teacher-approved parental guides.

Encourage Heart-
centered Learning

Backed by the leading educational SHICHIDA Method from Japan, our program focuses on nurturing the heart and mind. Our world-renowned curriculum has been refined for over 60 years through continuous research into early childhood brain development.

SHICHIDA at Home Is Designed Specifically With Parents In Mind

We know how hard it can be to ensure your child is given the right developmental tools during their most formative years.​
SHICHIDA at Home uses a simple, engaging and comprehensive learning program to bring the power of educating the heart and mind into your living room.​

With over 60 years of continuous research, development and proven results.

The SHICHIDA method has helped over half a million students since its doors opened in 1958.

The SHICHIDA method is now recognised as a leading early childhood teaching method.

Experience what our SHICHIDA at Home program can offer you and your child

Select the Right Plan for
your Child

For over 60 years, the SHICHIDA Method has empowered parents like you to holistically prepare their children for success in academics and life.

First Month Subscription

  • Access to 4 weekly video episodes.
  • 1 printable workbook.
  • Tailored to your desired age range, between 1 – 5+ years old.
  • Teacher approved parental guide and tips to supplement each episode.
  • Content helps young children learn using the globally renowned Shichida Method.
  • All this can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.


USD per month


USD for the first month

First 6-Month Subscription

  • Enjoy an ongoing 20% off.
  • Instant access to 24 educational video episodes.
  • Instant access to 6 printable workbooks.
  • Tailored to your desired age range, between 1 – 5+ years old.
  • Gain exclusive access to the entire MUSIC library.
  • Teacher-approved parental guide and tips to supplement each episode.
  • Content helps young children learn using the globally renowned Shichida Method.
  • All this can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.
  • SIGN UP TODAY AND GET THE FIRST MONTH FREE – pay for 5 months and get 6 months of content.


USD for 6 months


USD for the first 6 months

Prepare your Child for life with SHICHIDA at Home!

We have all the educational content you need to equip your child to thrive. Browse our wide selection of 12 holistic skills below.

Take Advantage of your Child’s Most Formative years

SHICHIDA at Home boasts an age-specific program that curates activities best-suited for your child’s developmental stage. Browse ages below.

Momo (1 yr+)

Kuri (2 yrs+)

Mika (3 yrs+)

Pepe (4 yrs+)

Tilly (5 yrs+)

Why Choose SHICHIDA at Home?


Your child will gain confidence and acquire essential life skills, allowing them to learn and process information effectively.

Imagination & Curiosity

Children develop the ability to visualize their goals, enhance empathy, and inspire creative thought and writing through a diverse array of activities.

Numbers and Letters

Children acquire skills and confidence through various methods of practicing phonics, alphabet letters, and numbers.

Quality Time

SHICHIDA at Home teaches parents how to spend quality time with their children, offering gentle guidance & encouragement.


SHICHIDA at Home offers exceptional flexibility, as our programs are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Your Child’s Best Teacher

We acknowledge the significance of the parental role in a child’s life, and, therefore, we offer essential support and coaching.

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