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SHICHIDA at Home has 2 outright purchase options and 1 subscription plan to choose from.

The plans or subscriptions do not come with physical toys, materials or workbooks.

Optional Products

Optional product purchases are also available.

Maximize your SHICHIDA at Home experience with our range of additional features. Explore educational toys featured in our videos and meticulously crafted, color-printed workbooks, designed to elevate and extend the learning experience within your own home.

These add-ons cater perfectly to parents seeking to fully integrate the SHICHIDA approach into their children’s daily routines, offering versatile methods to engage and educate in a home setting.

6x Printed workbooks

Prefer ready-to-use materials? Our color-printed workbooks are at your fingertips, providing durable, top-quality resources for effortless learning.

Get your chosen series workbooks delivered to you!

6x Printed workbooks for only US$99.95 Free Shipping

Product Bundle

Bring home the same toys showcased in our video series, offering a tactile learning journey that mirrors our effective teaching techniques.

Product bundle package includes printed workbooks and the toys used in the series.

US $455.00 Free Shipping

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