Fine Motor Skills: Preparing your pre-schooler for writing

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Fine Motor Skills: Preparing your pre-schooler for writing

Fine motor skills Fine motor skills play a crucial role in the holistic development of children, particularly preschoolers. Encouraging them to practice these skills as early as possible sets a strong foundation for writing readiness, an essential skill set for…
love of reading

How to Instil a Love for Reading in Pre-Schoolers

Develop a Love for Reading One of the joys of being a parent is witnessing the growth and learning journey of your little ones. Even at pre-school age, children have the potential to develop a love for reading. However, in…
Learning to read

Learning to Read: Phonics vs. Sight Words

It’s every parent’s goal to give their kids the best start in life and learning to read is an important part of that. But have you ever wondered which method is best for teaching your children to read? Should you…
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