Makoto Shichida: Founder of the SHICHIDA Method of Education

Makoto Shichida

Professor Makoto Shichida led a worldwide revolution in education that is changing the way we understand children, their learning styles and their brain capabilities.

Makoto Shichida (七田眞) initiated his career as an English teacher in Gotsu, Japan in 1958. He instructed children of varying ages, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The striking dissimilarity in learning ability between very young children and teenagers intrigued him.

The younger a child was, the more capable they proved to be in assimilating substantial amounts of information and cultivating a profound passion for learning. This observation compelled Makoto to conduct research into developmental brain distinctions and teaching techniques for a span of 25 years. The outcome of this research led to the establishment of the Shichida Method of Education.

The inaugural Shichida center experienced significant success upon its inauguration in Gotsu in 1976. Presently, over 250 Shichida centers are operational in Japan, with its influence spanning across more than 18 countries. Shichida early learning centers are rapidly emerging worldwide.

“Shichida Education is a soul education. The main aim of the Shichida method is not just to give children knowledge but to cultivate their heart and soul”

 Makoto Shichida

The Shichida Method emphasises the importance of the parent-child bond. This bond has a huge impact on the quality of learning in early childhood.

Makoto felt that all children are born with unique abilities which are innate and easy to develop. With proper training and parental guidance, we can draw out these abilities in all children.

Makoto Shichida has received numerous awards for his breakthrough research. These include the highest honourable Merit Prize by the World Science Council. He also received a Grand Knight Title for World Peace in 1997 and the World Peace Prize in 1998. In 2003, he was bestowed the Swedish Academy for Health and Medical Sciences Grand Prize and the Higashiku Ninomiya Invention Award.

Professor Makoto Shichida and his books

Over the span of more than six decades, the Shichida Educational Institute has curated an extensive array of instructional materials and books. These resources have found their way to children worldwide through various Shichida Centers. The beginning of our literary contribution started in 1981 with the release of the first book explaining the Shichida Method. Since then, numerous books have crossed language barriers, with translations into languages such as English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, engaging readers around the world.

The book “The Mystery of the Right Brain” is available for purchase. Written by Makoto Shichida and translated into English, this book is designed to appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the Shichida Method.

The books “Right Brain Education in Infancy” and “Children Can Change Through Right Brain Education” are also available for purchase.

Exploring the Shichida Method goes beyond books; our extensive collection of teaching materials demonstrates our commitment to holistic child development. These resources are created to combine learning with fun, promoting cognitive growth in areas like vocabulary, expression, dexterity, and numeracy. They also help develop non-cognitive skills such as imagination, critical thinking, and empathy.

At SEI (Shichida Educational Institute), we are dedicated to creating engaging teaching aids that ensure children around the world enjoy enriching experiences at our Shichida centers.

For those who do not have access to a local Shichida center, the three English titles are available for purchase through SHICHIDA at Home.

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