What Will You Achieve?

By using the SHICHIDA at Home program, you will achieve the following benefits.

  • The Shichida Method: Implement this proven whole-brain training approach in your home, creating an optimal holistic learning environment for your child.
  • Learning Through Play: Engage your child in fun, interactive activities that make learning enjoyable.
  • Engage Heart and Mind: Develop both emotional and cognitive skills, ensuring a well-rounded growth.
  • Build Confidence and Life Skills: Promote self-assurance and essential life skills through various engaging activities.
  • Strengthen Parent-Child Bond: Spend quality time together, enhancing your bond and creating lasting memories.
  • Nurture Emotional Intelligence: Help your child understand and manage their emotions effectively.
  • Whole Brain Training: Stimulate both hemispheres of the brain for balanced intellectual development.
  • Memory Development: Enhance your child’s ability to retain and recall information through engaging activities designed to improve working memory.
  • Concentration and Focus: Improve your child’s attention span and ability to concentrate on tasks.

SHICHIDA at Home offers unique benefits that other products does not offer, below are the some of the examples of what we cover.

Your Path to Early Learning Success with SHICHIDA at Home

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For over 65 years, the SHICHIDA Method has empowered parents like you to holistically prepare their children for success in academics and life.
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