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Using SHICHIDA at Home

How do I sign up for SHICHIDA at Home?

You can sign up here.

What are the prices for the available plans?

Monthly subscription: USD $29.95/month
6-month subscription: USD $143.70/6 months (20% Off)
New subscribers are eligible for a month-long free trial of SHICHIDA at Home. Users are automatically billed every month for the monthly subscription and every 6 months for the 6-month subscription.

At what age group should my child start?

We believe in providing age-appropriate lessons that will maximize your child’s learning experience. The most suitable level for your child will be determined when you sign up for SHICHIDA at Home.

We currently offer 5 educational levels:

  • Momo (1 yr+)
  • Kuri (2 yrs+)
  • Mika (3 yrs+)
  • Pepe (4 yrs+)
  • Tilly (5 yrs+)

Do you have a program suitable for children above the age of 5 years old?

The Tilly series can also be done by children who are older than 5 years old if they have little or no prior experience with the SHICHIDA program.

Can I sign up more than one child for SHICHIDA at Home?

Yes, you can. Each child’s profile is linked to a unique email address, so if you are registering your second child, please do so with a different email address from here.
Please note that SHICHIDA at Home is a subscription-based product, and you will continue to have access to your SHICHIDA at Home content if you remain subscribed. For a more in-depth explanation, read more under the technical issues FAQs.

How often should we watch the SHICHIDA at Home videos and do the Workbook activities?

Set aside time at least once a week to watch a video and do the Workbook activities. The more frequently you use SHICHIDA at Home, the better and faster you will see results with your child.
There is no harm is using SHICHIDA at Home many times per week, but keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. It’s important to make sure that your child is enjoying their learning time and SHICHIDA at Home’s effectiveness diminishes the less your child is engaged with the program.

Should I be worried about the amount of screen time my child is exposed to?

All videos have a duration of approximately 15 – 20 minutes as our team has taken into consideration the length of screen time for young learners. All videos can also be paused and re-watched.

What happens if I cancel my subscription with SHICHIDA at Home?

Once you cancel your subscription with SHICHIDA at Home, you will no longer have access to SHICHIDA at Home content after the end of your billing cycle.

What is the age range for SHICHIDA at Home?

SHICHIDA at Home offers a range of age groups from 1 year old to 5+ years old. 

As we believe in providing age-appropriate lessons that will maximise your child’s learning experience, the most suitable level for your child will be determined when you sign up for SHICHIDA at Home and enter in your child’s date of birth. 

We currently offer five educational levels: 

  • Momo (1 yr+) 
  • Kuri (2 yrs+) 
  • Mika (3 yrs+) 
  • Pepe (4 yrs+) 
  • Tilly (5 yrs+) 

The Tilly series can also be done by children who are older than 5+ years old if they have little or no prior experience with the SHICHIDA program. 

Can I sign up more than one child for SHICHIDA at Home?

Yes, you can. However, each child’s profile is linked to a unique email address, so if you are registering your second child, please do so by using a different email address from here. 

Is it too much screentime for my child?

We completely understand and appreciate your interest in ensuring a healthy balance between learning and screen usage, especially for young children. 

Rest assured that SHICHIDA at Home is designed with the well-being of children in mind. While we do utilise video content as a part of our curriculum, we prioritise a balanced and age-appropriate approach to screen time. The sessions are carefully structured to maintain engagement while keeping screen exposure within recommended limits for young learners. 

Most importantly, SHICHIDA at Home is designed to be done with the support of a caregiver. In this way, you and your child can have fun playing and learning together and you can always ensure that they are actively engaged with the lesson. 

Our aim is not to replace traditional learning experiences but to enhance and supplement them through interactive and educational video content. We encourage a holistic approach to early childhood development, which includes various activities beyond the screen, such as hands-on exercises and interactive learning with caregivers. 

For more information on how to facilitate positive screentime, why not check out our blog post How to Promote Positive Screentime. 

What is the program structure of SHICHIDA at Home?

The SHICHIDA at Home program is carefully designed to offer a balanced mix of both hands-on activities and engaging video content. We believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience that combines the benefits of real-time interactions and digital resources. 

Each video in our series utilizes a variety of songs and activities to develop all the skills your child will need to succeed in their future learning – math, reading, writing, critical thinking, motor skills, creativity, intuition, concentration, problem solving, memory, EQ and IQ. These videos are packed full of interactive activities so that your child will be actively engaged throughout. 

There is also a monthly printable workbook provided that includes hands-on activities that are designed to give your child the tactile practice needed to firmly consolidate the skills they learn in the videos. These workbooks utilize toys and everyday objects that you can find in your home to help your child get the most enjoyment out of these practical activities. 

On top of this, we also include a teacher-approved guide after every video to give hints and tips on what you can do each week with your child at home or when you’re on the go. These Extra Guides for Parents will give you insights into creative ways to practice SHICHIDA concepts at every opportunity. 

Of course, the SHICHIDA at Home program is designed for flexibility, so you can really approach it in any order once you get the hang of using it. But when you are new to the program, we would recommend first watching the weekly video with your child and participating actively in the video activities. After this, complete the workbook activities of the week with your child. Lastly, consult the Extra Guide for Parents to see how you can practice the concepts with your child throughout the week. 

How long does each episode go for?

All the SHICHIDA at Home videos are approximately 15 – 30 minutes in duration; you are able to pause and re-watch the videos as many times as you like to accommodate the learning time with your children. 

As your child is getting used to the program, it is best to go at their speed. If your child is having trouble getting through the video in one sitting, feel free to pause, refresh and come back to it when your child is ready. Concentration is a learned skill. With practice and consistency, you’ll find that your child will be able to sit for longer stretches of time each time you watch the video. 

What do I get with a SHICHIDA at Home subscription?

  • Every subscription comes with a 30-page workbook and a video subscription of 4 videos per month. If you have a 6-month subscription, you will have access to all 6-months’ worth of your videos and workbooks. 
  • The SHICHIDA at Home workbook is available for download, and it is recommended that parents print out the workbook for each corresponding episode. 
  • On top of this, you will have access to an Extra Guide for Parents, which offers a range of extension activities that you can use to help your child practice the concepts they learned in the videos throughout the week. This guide is an invaluable resource for parents as it will provide you with the know-how to recognize and utilize every opportunity that you come across in daily life to facilitate your child’s learning. 
  • If you are subscribed to the 6-month subscription, you will also have access to Music Library, which contains animated versions of all the songs featured in your child’s videos. You can access the Music Library through your SHICHIDA at Home portal and from here your child can listen to their favorite songs on demand. As your child grows older and progresses through the program, new songs for their age group will be added to your library. 
  • Videos are available for streaming on our members-only portal and can be accessed with an internet connection. All your videos both past and present will be available as long as you are subscribed to SHICHIDA at Home, meaning you can go back and visit old episodes whenever you like! 

Is SHICHIDA at Home available in my country?

  • SHICHIDA at Home is available in most countries. 

Countries where SHICHIDA at Home is restricted: 

China (including Hong Kong) 









We apologize if SHICHIDA at Home is not currently available in your present country of residence. If you are interested in the SHICHIDA program, please kindly contact your local SHICHIDA office. 

Please note that SHICHIDA at Home videos are hosted on Vimeo. While a Vimeo account is not required, access to Vimeo is.  

A working internet connection is necessary for accessing SHICHIDA at Home. Data charges may be imposed by your service provider. 

Can I have access to a different level of the SHICHIDA at Home program?

The course levels have been designed according to the SHICHIDA Method to be age appropriate. If you find that the assigned level is too easy or too challenging for your child, please contact us through ‘HELP’ on the membership site and we will be in touch within 2 working days. 

Please note that we must be notified of your desire to change levels within ONE WEEK of you starting your current level. Any requests to change levels received over a week of having started any given level may not be approved. 

Also note that if we are to change the course level of your account, you will lose access to the previously assigned level. 

Can SHICHIDA at Home replace a SHICHIDA class?

SHICHIDA at Home is not designed to replace face-to-face classes at a physical SHICHIDA centre. 

In order to get the full benefit of the SHICHIDA program, it is necessary for your child to take both face-to-face lessons at a physical SHICHIDA centre AND at-home lessons with a guardian’s support using the SHICHIDA at Home program. 

SHICHIDA at Home extends children’s SHICHIDA learning experience into their home environment and offers a SHICHIDA Method experience for those who do not have access to a physical SHICHIDA centre. 


How often should we watch the SHICHIDA at Home videos and do the Workbook activities?

  • SHICHIDA at Home is designed with flexibility in mind. We understand that factors such as your day-to-day schedule and your child’s attention span can make it difficult to schedule your extra curriculars. This is why our videos can be paused and come back to as needed. 
  • You have access to four video lessons and one workbook per month. Break up the lessons as much as you need to. If you feel your child is having trouble sitting through the entire video in one sitting, pause the video and take a break. You can always come back when they are ready. 
  • However, remember that consistency is key. Try to set aside regular times throughout the week that you can allocate towards your SHICHIDA at Home lessons. For example, you can do 5 minutes of a video and one page of the workbook each weekday. This will allow you to get through the weekly videos and workbook exercises, while making sure that you and your child don’t get burnt out. 
  • By establishing a consistent routine, your child will quickly grow accustomed to the idea of doing these video lessons and you will find that they will be able to concentrate for more and more of the lesson as they continue. 

What happens when I complete the SHICHIDA at Home program at the Tilly 6 level?

  • Tilly 6 is the last module for the SHICHIDA at Home program. If you have completed Tilly 6 – congratulations, you have completed the SHICHIDA at Home program!  
  • However, the SHICHIDA fun doesn’t have to stop here! 
  • As long as you have an active SHICHIDA at Home subscription, we will continue to give you access to all the videos you have watched so far. On top of this, we will give you access to four NEW videos per month from any previous age group that you may have missed out on due to joining us late. Your child can use these videos to brush up on their SHICHIDA skills, or they can even share them with any younger siblings they might have. 

We will continue to release four new episodes and one workbook each month, until you have access to the entire series of SHICHIDA at Home. You will have access to all your videos, workbooks, Extra Guides for Parents, and Music Library (6-month subscription only) as long as you have an active SHICHIDA at Home subscription.  

We hope you continue to enjoy SHICHIDA at Home

How do I sign up for in-person classes?

SHICHIDA at Home is an online subscription program for children. In order to get the full benefit of the SHICHIDA Method of early education, SHICHIDA at Home is best paired with face-to-face classes at a physical SHICHIDA centre. If you are interested in face-to-face classes, please contact your nearest SHICHIDA centre for class availability. 

The videos are in Japanese, how do I change the language to English?

All SHICHIDA at Home videos are recorded in English. The only exceptions are the Hello Song and Goodbye Song which are in Japanese that start and end each video. These unique greeting songs are a nod to the SHICHIDA program’s Japanese origins and are used in all videos and SHICHIDA centres worldwide. 


What is the difference between Shichida at Home and a physical Shichida lesson?

Traditional classroom lessons are 50 minutes long while SHICHIDA at Home sessions last 15-20 minutes. All activities are based on the same method and values.

Are there physical copies of the flashcards?

Each video contains a short digital flashcard session. Unfortunately, we currently do not have sets of physical flashcards available for purchase from our website. 

What is SHICHIDA at Home?

  • SHICHIDA at Home is a condensed version of in-person SHICHIDA classes. While it is not a replacement for SHICHIDA classes, it is a good alternative for students and parents who are unable to attend an in-person SHICHIDA class. 

The SHICHIDA at Home program takes key features of in-person SHICHIDA lessons and turns it into an online program that a parent can do at home with their child without much preparation or pre-knowledge of the SHICHIDA Method. 

The SHICHIDA at Home program combines the research-backed age-appropriate curriculum of the SHICHIDA Method of early learning education with the flexibility and convenient interactivity of online learning. 

What is the SHICHIDA Method?

  • The SHICHIDA Method is an early learning pathway that originated in Japan. It was founded by award-winning author and Doctor of Education, Professor Makoto SHICHIDA, who also specialized in brain development throughout children’s formative years. 

In face-to-face classes, the SHICHIDA Method of Education is delivered once a week, with each session lasting 50 minutes. The classes are educational, engaging, and fun while still preparing your child for school and developing a love of learning. 

Our advanced early learning program develops the whole brain, which improves memory, language proficiency, an understanding of numeracy and literacy, critical thinking and so much more! 

How does SHICHIDA at Home work?

  • SHICHIDA at Home is a progressive and stimulating early education program designed to grow with your child. Parents can choose between a monthly or bi-annually recurring subscription program that includes SHICHIDA at Home Workbooks and a new age-specific video for every week you are subscribed! 
  • SHICHIDA at Home video lessons utilize songs and interactive activities to teach your child everything they need to succeed in their future learning, all while facilitating the parent-child bond and developing their innate love of learning. The SHICHIDA at Home workbooks offer a number of tactile activities that give your child hands-on practice in all the skils they learned while watching the videos. 

SHICHIDA products and toys can also be purchased to further supplement this course. 

Who created SHICHIDA at Home?

A team of passionate early childhood teachers from SHICHIDA Australia has worked closely with SHICHIDA Educational Institute Japan (SEI) to produce SHICHIDA at Home. 

Is SHICHIDA at Home sufficient stimulation for my child?

  • We recommend signing up for SHICHIDA classes if you have access to a SHICHIDA Centre. In-person SHICHIDA classes are the most ideal form of experiencing the SHICHIDA program and are designed to complement the SHICHIDA at Home program. 
  • If you are unable to attend classes at a physical SHICHIDA centre, we recommend pairing the SHICHIDA at Home program with any hands-on tactile learning opportunities that arise in your day-to-day lives. The SHICHIDA at Home program comes with an Extra Guide for Parents that will give you lots of ideas about how you can practice the teachings of SHICHIDA outside of the videos, in order to stimulate your child and consolidate their learned skills. 

When will I see the benefits of the program?

  • Every child is born with their own innate potential and will develop different skills and strengths at different rates. This cannot be predicted. 

The SHICHIDA Method of early education works to draw out each child’s innate potential by placing them in a loving a pressure-free environment that focuses on the child’s connection to their parent and their enjoyment of lessons together. Children grow and improve easily and rapidly in their own time. 


As a parent, what is expected of me in terms of participation?

  • The SHICHIDA Method of early education strongly believes in the engagement of parents in their child’s learning and development. Here at SHICHIDA, we work alongside the parent to guide their child through learning and life. 

Research suggests that it is the connection and ongoing parental engagement in a child’s environment that is crucial to a child’s development and achievements. It is imperative that parents watch the videos and work on the workbook alongside their child for the best results. 

As you guide your child through the SHICHIDA at Home activities, you will not only have fun learning together, but you will strengthen the natural bond between parent and child. The SHICHIDA at Home program will also equip you with the tools and the confidence to continue to be your child’s first and best teacher throughout their entire learning journey. 

Account and Billing

Technical Issues

I have signed up but how do I log in?

Congratulations on starting your learning journey with SHICHIDA at Home!  

By now, you will have access to your online membership portal. Simply go to https://membership.SHICHIDAathome.com/ and use the email address you used for signing up and the password to log into your account.  

If you haven’t set up the password and your password creation link has expired after 24 hours, please reset your password from here. 

If you continue to have difficulties logging into your portal, please contact us immediately. 

I can’t access my account. How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password” on the login page of the membership site. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your account and you can reset your password following the instructions in the email. Please note that the link to reset your password will expire in 24 hours. 

If the email does not appear in your inbox within five minutes of submitting the sign-up form, please check your spam and junk inboxes. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact us. 


How do I access the SHICHIDA at Home videos?

Log in to the SHICHIDA at Home portal through either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your latest episodes will be available in the first dialogue box you seen. Click “Start Learning Today” to access your videos and workbook for this week. 

For older episodes, you need only scroll down a bit on the home screen and you will see all the previous lessons available to you, along with your Extra Guides for Parents and your Music Library (available with the 6-month subscription only). 

Recommended browsers are Google Chrome are Mozilla Firefox. 

How do I know if I have successfully registered my account?

A registration email will be sent to the email address you provided at sign-up. This email will lead you to create a password for your SHICHIDA at Home account. Once you have successfully completed the registration, you will be able to log into the membership portal and begin the SHICHIDA at Home program. 

If the registration email does not appear in your inbox within five minutes of submitting the sign-up form, please check your spam and junk inboxes. If you continue to have issues, you can use the Forgot Password link on this page or get in touch with us. 

Will I continue to have access to past videos?

You will have continued access to all your videos with an active subscription account. All your past videos will still stay on your account as long as you are subscribed to SHICHIDA at Home. 

Should you re-enable your membership after cancellation, you will have access to the last level of videos you were subscribed to. 

How do I access my workbook?

Each month you will receive access to a downloadable and printable workbook full of activities that are designed to perfectly complement the video content. 

To access this workbook, go to your SHICHIDA at Home portal and click on your desired lessons. This will take you to your four video lessons of the month. At the top of the page, you will find a button that says, “Download Workbook”. Simply click this button to access your workbook. 

From here you will also have the option to print your workbook if you like. 


Can I cast SHICHIDA at Home videos on other devices?

SHICHIDA at Home can be cast onto Smart TVs, iPhones, and iPads. Please refer to Google support or Apple support for more information. 

Products and Shipping

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary based on the size of the parcel and the destination location. This amount will be calculated before checkout.

What kind of toys are included in our Products Packages?

The contents of each package will differ according to the age of your child. Some examples include puzzles, simple concept and memory game chips, alphabet and number charts, stringing activities, counters, books and more.

Parental guidance is recommended for all materials.

When will I receive my Products package?

If you subscribe to Premium package subscription or purchase the product bundle, you are eligible for a product package.
We aim to dispatch your parcel within 2 working days after payment has been processed. Parcels will then take up to 15 days to arrive at your address, depending on your location.
If your shipment does not arrive within 30 days or has gone missing in transit, please use the contact us form under ‘HELP’ on the membership site or contact us.
If your package is not collected and is sent back to our warehouse, extra shipping fees apply to have it shipped again.

Are the SHICHIDA Products safe for children?

Yes, the SHICHIDA program is age appropriate in its curriculum and provided materials. However, all materials and activities are intended to be used with parental guidance.

Are there instructions on how to use the SHICHIDA Products?

Yes, activities utilizing these products are demonstrated during the monthly videos. There are also written instructions in the workbook.

Shichida Method in Media

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