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Through a collaborative effort between Shichida Australia and the Shichida Educational Institute in Japan, the product was developed over two years, launching in 2017. Now, SHICHIDA at Home extends the Shichida Method worldwide, making early learning accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Our story – the vision behind SHICHIDA at Home

After successfully introducing the Shichida Method in Australia in 2009, our team at Shichida Australia observed remarkable results in the development of young children. The method gained attention from the media, leading to a surge in popularity and demand. However, our impact was mainly concentrated in areas accessible through our physical centres, limiting broader accessibility. The demand for the Shichida Method extended significantly across regional areas and throughout Australia.  

Simultaneously, the Shichida Educational Institute in Japan aimed to expand the global reach of the method, which had shown exceptional results over the past five decades in Japan. The challenge, however, lay in the method’s traditional requirement of face-to-face interactions. This limited accessibility for those who sought this advanced early learning approach but were unable to attend physical classes at Shichida centres worldwide. 

Within the Japanese market itself, there emerged a growing demand for Shichida Method lessons in English. The recognition of the importance of English learning led customers to seek a blend of Shichida’s educational benefits alongside English acquisition. Yet, finding proficient Shichida-trained English-speaking instructors for each centre in Japan proved to be a challenge. 

The Shichida Method is dedicated to nurturing a love for learning in young children’s minds. Traditionally, Shichida classes have been both educational and enjoyable, preparing children for school while fostering a genuine passion for learning. Yet, the question remained: How could we recreate this enriching learning experience for individuals worldwide?

After extensive discussions with SHICHIDA’s national and international franchisees, the concept of online learning emerged. 

A dedicated team of passionate early childhood teachers from Shichida Australia was assigned to collaborate closely with the Shichida Educational Institute in Japan. Their mission? To develop an online learning tool on behalf of all national and international Shichida franchisees. 

Over the course of two years, guided by the Shichida Educational Institute, the team diligently crafted this product. Finally, in 2017, SHICHIDA at Home was launched! This launch marked a significant milestone, as the Shichida Method became accessible anytime, anywhere. 

We are excited to extend the Shichida learning method to everyone worldwide, enhancing the early learning experience with SHICHIDA at Home – your learning companion. 

The SHICHIDA Method has empowered parents like you to holistically prepare their children for success in academics and life

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Our story SHICHIDA at Home

The featured characters in the SHICHIDA at Home episodes

In SHICHIDA at Home lessons, your learning journey is guided by two friendly characters.

Meet SHICHI – the original Shichida mascot from Japan

Shichi is a friendly and curious dog who, despite not being able to talk, is playful, inquisitive, and deeply fond of learning. He engages with his best friend Emma throughout the episodes, encouraging participation and critical thinking among young viewers.

Meet Emma – your teacher and guide

Emma is a real Shichida teacher with a passion for engaging young minds. Her demeanour is friendly, caring, and approachable, fostering engagement with children. With an enthusiastic and interactive approach, she encourages young viewers to actively participate in the show. Through her interactions with Shichi, Emma guides children through learning activities, games and songs, asking questions, and eagerly awaiting responses from the audience. Her patient and friendly manner aims to cultivate a comfortable and educational space at home for our young viewers

Your Path to Early Learning Success with SHICHIDA at Home

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If you’re far from an international Shichida centre, SHICHIDA at Home is your perfect solution! From the comfort of your own home, you can engage with the Shichida Method, which enhances whole-brain development skills such as numeracy, creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and image training. SHICHIDA at Home provides all the tools and guidance you need, empowering you to confidently support your child’s academic and life success.

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