Program Structure

Shichida At Home Program Structure

What is the program structure of SHICHIDA at Home?

The SHICHIDA at Home program is carefully designed to offer a balanced mix of both hands-on activities and engaging video content. We believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience that combines the benefits of real-time interactions and digital resources.

Each video in our series utilizes a variety of songs and activities to develop all the skills your child will need to succeed in their future learning – math, reading, writing, critical thinking, motor skills, creativity, intuition, concentration, problem solving, memory, EQ and IQ. These videos are packed full of interactive activities so that your child will be actively engaged throughout.

There is also a monthly printable workbook provided that includes hands-on activities that are designed to give your child the tactile practice needed to firmly consolidate the skills they learn in the videos. These workbooks utilize toys and everyday objects that you can find in your home to help your child get the most enjoyment out of these practical activities.

We also include a teacher-approved guide after every video to give hints and tips on what you can do each week with your child at home or when you’re on the go. These Extra Guides for Parents will give you insights into creative ways to practice SHICHIDA concepts at every opportunity.


(Printed copies are available for purchase.)

Of course, the SHICHIDA at Home program is designed for flexibility, so you can really approach it in any order once you get the hang of using it. But when you are new to the program, we would recommend first watching the weekly video with your child and participating actively in the video activities. After this, complete the workbook activities of the week with your child. Lastly, consult the Extra Guide for Parents to see how you can practice the concepts with your child throughout the week.

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