SHICHIDA At Home is a profoundly simple tool for early Learning And Bonding.

Unlike other learning apps and programs, SHICHIDA at Home is designed for hands-on involvement from parents which encourages parent-child bonding and promotes a love of learning.

Why SHICHIDA at Home?

SHICHIDA at Home is a profoundly simple tool for early learning and bonding.

Most early learning methods are hard to use at home and don’t prioritize bonding with your child. SHICHIDA at Home is a simple early learning tool that gives you a clear program and all the content you need to teach and bond with your child at home. With us, you can ensure that your child grows intellectually and emotionally during their formative years.

It is is the first early learning product that helps you easily connect and teach at home. It’s perfect for moms who want to create a deep bond with their kids early on and unlike day-care or complex methods, This program simplifies early learning with a clear roadmap, supporting content, and helpful tools.

We are backed by leading methods of Japan and Australia that focus on education of the heart. Our world-renowned curriculum has more than 60 years of constantly evolving research into early childhood brain development.

Don’t hesitate any longer! This program enables you to form a deep bond with your child while preparing them well for the journey of life.

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With over 60 years of continuous research, development and proven results.

The SHICHIDA method has helped over half a million students since its doors opened in 1958.

The SHICHIDA Method is now recognised as a leading early childhood teaching method.

Here’s how you will do it with SHICHIDA at Home

Shichida at Home, Early Learning Program

Make the Most of their
Formative Years

SHICHIDA at Home is a perfect solution for parents seeking to foster a profound bond with their children from an early age. Our program streamlines early learning, making it accessible and effective with a clear roadmap, supporting content, and useful tools.

At Home Early Learning Program

Learn and Bond
Anytime, Anywhere

We provide a simple yet powerful online platform for early learning, suitable for children aged from 1 to 5+ years old. Content includes videos, educational songs, printable workbooks and teacher-approved parental guides.

Shichida at Home, At Home Early Learning Program

Encourage Heart-
centered Learning

Backed by the leading educational SHICHIDA Method from Japan, our program focuses on nurturing the heart and mind. Our world-renowned curriculum has been refined for over 60 years through continuous research into early childhood brain development.

Experience what our SHICHIDA at Home program can offer you and your child

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