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Unlike other learning apps and programs, SHICHIDA at Home is designed for hands-on involvement from parents which encourages parent-child bonding and promotes a love of learning.

A world Leading early
childhood Teaching Method

The SHICHIDA Method has been inspiring the hearts and minds of children and their families around the world since 1976.​

Developed by Professor Makoto Shichida, SHICHIDA is a world-renowned teaching method with more than 60 years of continuously evolving research into early childhood brain development. The curriculum is age-specific and tailored to children’s attention spans and brain capabilities.​ 

Over the past 60 years, the SHICHIDA Method has helped parents just like you equip their child to thrive in academics and in life. Today, the SHICHIDA Method is being used in 300 learning centres that serve over 60,000 students in 17 different countries and regions. SHICHIDA at Home utilizes the SHICHIDA Method to create a simple, comprehensive, and engaging learning program to bring the power of educating the heart and mind into your living room.

Learning How To Learn

This Method fills in the gaps left by traditional education systems. It equips students with well-rounded educational and life skills that they can then use for the rest of their lives.​

On top of stimulating the left brain with math, reading, writing and motor skills, we also teach skills that are most often associated with the right brain – such as empathy, photographic memory, creativity, intuition, and imaging ability.​

The holistic approach that SHICHIDA at Home takes makes us stand out from the typical online at-home learning program. We invite parents to try our amazing early learning curriculum. It is guaranteed to not only educate your child but also guide you to become their first and best teacher.

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With over 60 years of continuous research, development and proven results.

The SHICHIDA method has helped over half a million students since its doors opened in 1958.

The SHICHIDA Method is now recognised as a leading early childhood teaching method.

What to expect when you start SHICHIDA at Home

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