Unlocking the power of flashcards with the SHICHIDA method

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Have you ever wanted to give your child a competitive edge in school? The Shichida Method, developed by famed educator Dr. Makoto Shichida, is an effective way to improve your child’s memory and cognitive development using flashcards. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative approach and how it can help your child become an ace learner!

What Are Flashcards?

For those who don’t know, flashcards are small cards used for memorization and repetition drills. They typically feature two sides, one side with a picture or word, and the other side with the corresponding answer or definition. Used effectively, they can be powerful tools in helping children remember key information quickly and easily.

The Shichida Method

The heart of the Shichida Method lies in its use of flashcards—but not just any old flashcards! These special Shichida Method flashcards expose children to different words and images to increase their cognitive skills such as memory recall and pattern recognition. 

This method emphasizes exposing children to large amounts of material at once, rather than focusing on single pieces of information at a time. It also focuses on using visual association techniques such as linking images to words or phrases, allowing children to rapidly store information into their long-term memory banks.

Dr. Makoto Shichida’s research found that these methods are most effective when used during the early years of life (0-6 years old). During these developmental stages, he believes that children should be taught up to 400 words per day! Through this intensive exposure process, he claims that children can retain large amounts of data in their long-term memories due to the sheer quantity they are exposed to daily.

The Shichida Method has been proven effective in helping children increase their memorization skills while strengthening their overall mental acuity. If you want your child to have an edge over other learners in school, then using the Shichida Method may be just what you need. By introducing them to large quantities of new words and concepts through flashcard drills every day, their brains will rapidly absorb knowledge like sponges – just like Dr. Makoto Shichida said they would.

It’s certainly worth trying out if you want your little one to reach their full potential, and now you can do it free from the comfort of your home! Register below for sample content or join us directly at just $0 for the first month!

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