Because every child deserves the Shichida Method in their life.

Experience our online and condensed Shichida Method classes through engaging video lessons and comprehensive workbooks.

Whole Brain Education

Accessible Online Learning Platform

Educational Program for 1-5+ Years Old

Whole Brain Education

Accessible Online Learning Platform

Educational Program for 1-5+ Years Old

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“I wish I knew about this sooner!”

Early development is vital, but meeting your child’s needs can be overwhelming. With SHICHIDA at Home, you can access a renowned whole-brain learning method from home. Act now to empower your child for success with the Shichida Method.

Give your child the gift of education with SHICHIDA at Home

Optimise Your Child's Early Years

Use our guided program to equip your child with a wealth of general knowledge, amazing working memory, a love of learning and be school ready.

Shichida Method at your finger tips

Suitable for children aged 1 to 5+ years old, our online content includes videos, educational songs, printable workbooks and teacher-approved parental guides.

Spend Meaningful Time With Your Child

Our program streamlines early learning, making it accessible, effective and fosters a profound parent-child bond from an early age.

The SHICHIDA Method has empowered parents like you to holistically prepare their children for success in academics and life

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Suitable for ages 1 to 5+

Shichida Method

Condensed version of in-person SHICHIDA classes

Purchase or Subscription Service 

Choose from 3 options

Engaging Videos

Videos and corresponding parental guides

Printable Workbooks

Consolidate skills taught in videos

Good Screen Time

Play, Learn and Bond

Real Shichida Teacher

Content presented by certified Shichida teacher

Educational Song Library

Enhance learning and development

Key Learning Areas

Flashcards, Math, Reading, Writing, Critical thinking, Motor skills, Creativity, Intuition, Concentration, Problem solving, Memory, EQ and IQ

For ages 1 to 5+

Shichida class condensed

Subscription Service

4 Videos per month

1 workbook per month

Good screen time

Real Shichida teacher

Educational Song Library

12 Key Learning Areas

Your Path to Early Learning Success with SHICHIDA at Home

Select the Right Plan for your family

For over 65 years, the SHICHIDA Method has empowered parents like you to holistically prepare their children for success in academics and life.

Prepare your Child for life with SHICHIDA at Home!

We have all the educational content you need to equip your child to thrive. Browse our wide selection of 12 holistic skills below.

Improving Memory

Raising EQ and IQ

Problem Solving

Improving Concentration

Intuition Training


Motor Skills


Critical Thinking




Take Advantage of your Child’s Most Formative years

SHICHIDA at Home boasts an age-specific program that curates activities best-suited for your child’s developmental stage. Browse ages below.

Momo (1 yr+)

Kuri (2 yrs+)

Mika (3 yrs+)

Pepe (4 yrs+)

Tilly (5 yrs+)

Why Choose SHICHIDA at Home?


Your child will gain confidence and acquire essential life skills, allowing them to learn and process information effectively.

Imagination & Curiosity

Children develop the ability to visualize their goals, enhance empathy, and inspire creative thought and writing through a diverse array of activities.

Numbers and Letters

Children acquire skills and confidence through various methods of practicing phonics, alphabet letters, and numbers.

Quality Time

SHICHIDA at Home teaches parents how to spend quality time with their children, offering gentle guidance & encouragement.


SHICHIDA at Home offers exceptional flexibility, as our programs are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Your Child’s Best Teacher

We acknowledge the significance of the parental role in a child’s life, and, therefore, we offer essential support and coaching.

Recent Testimonials

What Parents are saying

ecause when I was in Melbourne we did Shichida classes with my older one and felt that my younger son missed out since we moved to Brisbane. So I wanted him to experience Shichida at home. I love the flash cards and the way all instructions are given are great. The memory training and silly stories are my favourite too.

I want my child to learn English language.
I would tell someone who’s considering SHICHIDA at Home that is is very good programme and I recommend 10 out of 10, because I didn’t find such programme. We enjoyed flashcards and Shichi

“I love Shichida program but unfortunately the centre is too far from my house. So I subscribe to Shichida at Home for my daughter and she loves it. I found all the different actitivies; very intuitive. It’s an excellent early childhood program and bonding time to spend with your child. I would highly recommend SHICHIDA at Home to anyone. On a scale of one to ten, I rate this program TEN!!!”

Mia S
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